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Despite the high house edge and the impossibility of developing a winning strategy for the game, Keno is a wildly popular choice at land and online casinos. This is a game that is usually played in between other gambling pastimes, and possibly as a means of relaxation for players. It also involves a certain element of thrill as players wait for the magic numbers to show up. Keno could also be so popular because of the familiarity of its format – after all, everybody knows how the lottery is played!

Online Keno


As with many gambling games, Keno can trace its roots back to Ancient Asia. It is believed that a Keno-like game helped a famous Chinese general fund his wartime efforts and construct the Great Wall of China. Keno was immensely popular for hundreds of years in China and the surrounding areas. It went through different changes such as dropping the numbers from 120 to 80 in total. Eventually Keno made its way across the ocean to the gambling halls of the United States where its popularity reached a peak in the 1980s thanks to new, unlimited jackpot legislation. Today, Keno can be found at any established casino and it has also successfully transitioned to the world of online gambling.

How to Play Keno

If players are familiar with the game of bingo or the lottery, they will be able to understand the rudimentary method of Keno within a minute or two. Effectively, the player purchases a Keno card with the numbers 1 through to 80 displayed on it. Players can pick up to a certain amount of numbers (usually 15-20) on their card and mark them off. Thereafter, the random number generator picks twenty numbers and displays them on a special Keno board. Depending to how much money was wagered and the outcome of the game, players are paid out their winnings.

Keno cards come in different formats and players can take their pick from a number of exciting options. For example, they can purchase a split ticket that enables them to play several games on one ticket. Additionally, players can try their luck on top-bottom tickets where they choose numbers from either the top or the bottom of the ticket.

In some instances, especially when playing online Keno, players have the choice of using the Quick Pick 10 button that will randomly choose ten numbers for them to play with. Online Keno works in very much the same way as regular Keno.

Keno Tips

  • Accept that Keno is a game of chance and that skill has absolutely nothing to do with the overall results of the game. Don’t buy into any fly-by-night promises that claim to have found a foolproof strategy for winning at Keno.
  • Remember that Keno has high house odds and players should not blow their entire bankroll on this game. It should be seen as a fun gambling pastime and budgeted for accordingly.
  • You will have better luck playing Keno is short sessions than over one long gaming session.
  • Play the right stakes. Stick to smaller wagers if you are a budget player in order to extend your time at the game.
  • To increase any winning payouts, play the maximum coins. You might just be sorry that you didn’t if you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot!
  • Stay in control. Don’t let your better judgment be clouded by emotions or alcohol.
  • If you are on a losing streak, know when to cut your losses and never chase those losses in the hope of making them up again.

Keno Tournaments

Online Keno players love their tournament action and a competition can usually be found going day and night at one of the thousands of online casino sites out their. Unlike most gambling tournaments that are limited to a few hours or a day, online Keno tournaments average a week in length although their total time is only about 30 minutes. During that week, players can log in up to once a day to play Keno with credits given to them beforehand. They can play a few minutes a day or use all their credits within one day. Keno tournaments are great way to add an interesting edge to this game.

Where to Play Keno

You can play Keno online at most Online Casinos, but its worth trying a couple of different casino software providers as although the game remains the same, the gameplay does differ. Try 32Red Casino for Microgaming's take on Keno and Betfred Casino for the Playtech version.

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